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Coco Farms In Ghana

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Coco has been grown in Ghana for almost a century, since the first plant was introduced there. And most people may never realize this, but perhaps your favourite brand of chocolate bar has its origins in Ghana! Although there are other countries and regions that produce coco, the quality of Ghana’s coco has been ranked number one for many years. Even famous chocolate brands like Cadburys import a huge amount of coco from this West African region.


Below are some of the basic things you should know about Coco in Ghana;

  • Ghana is a country in West Africa, whose climate is very conducive for the growing of coco. The country experiences the right amount of rainfall that helps the plant grow, and ripen as it ought to.
  • Coco is Ghana’s main cash crop, and the second biggest income earner in the country. The top income earner is Gold.
  • 90% of all coco grown in the country is grown in small scale farms owned by peasants. There are no large farms, the kind that are common in the West and developed nations.
  • Ghana is only second to Ivory Coast, in terms of being the global leader of coco production. Both countries lie in the same geographical zone, which perhaps explains why they are both the leading producers of coco.
  • The coco industry has employed about 3.2 million men and women, either as farmers, harvesters, transporters, importers, and so on so forth.
  • Most of the coco produced in Ghana ends up in Europe, where major companies use it to manufacture Chocolate bars.
  • Recently, coco farmers have embraced technological advancements, to help them produce more and attend to their farms more easily.



Coco is a major cash crop in Ghana, and the next time you take that sweet bite of your favorite chocolate bar, chances are that its origin is from Ghana!