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Plants for home growing

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home-grown-plantsPlants in general play a crucial role in helping humans not just get their day to day food, but also in helping make the environment cleaner. The good thing is that you can start small; you don’t have to wait till you have a big garden or farm, in order to plant your favorite crops. Below are some of the best and easiest crops that you can plant at your home;

  • Sweet Corns; sweet corns are small; they mature fast, and are very ideal for growing in limited spaced, like a home garden. Home grown sweet corns are fresher, sweeter, and tastier, than anything you’d possibly buy from a market.
  • Vegetables; vegetables are also ideal plants to plant in your home. They include spinaches, cucumbers, corianders, and even onions. These are not only fast growing and maturing crops; they also require little or no human day to day attention once you have planted them.
  • Aloe Vera; Aloe Vera has many medicinal benefits to humans, and can be grown around the home. Besides helping purify the air, they can also be used to help treat burns and cuts, thanks to their succulent by products known for their medicinal efficacies.
  • Fruits; many fruits take a year or so before they mature, and ripen. You can start small, by planting some passion fruit crops, grafted mangoes that mature in 2 years or so, water melons, and so on so forth. Fruits not only provide a quick snack around the homestead; their nutritional value is very central in the general good health of humans.


Planting some of the above crops around your home will not just help you save money you’d have spent on vegetables and fruits; it is also a greatly fulfilling exercise that rejuvenates the mind.

Why You Should Clean Waste from Your House

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Having a home comes with responsibilities. One has to maintain cleanliness and also the management of waste products. Cleaning and dusting your home is an easy task. Apart from letting your home look beautiful and tidy one is also protecting the good health of everyone else in the house. When cleaning, one should have disposable bins or trays for rubbish. Being able to recycle and reuse is a step to being eco friendly.

  • Reducing excess paper– a huge amount of the waste generated in homes comprises of polythene papers, or other hardcopy papers. Hundreds of advertising agencies deliver mails every day, thus littering our homes. One can be able to reduce on the amount of paper they throw away by subscribing to marketing lists online. In case of unwanted mail, one can easily unsubscribe to getting their letters. This is as easy as contacting the company in question or sending an email. Reducing the flow of junk mail will help in conserving natural resources, save landfill space and save you time and money with a top house clearance london.
  • Reducing packaging waste– almost all items are packaged. One can reduce the amount of packaging waste by purchasing concentrates and diluting them with water in reusable containers. Use reusable cloth bags so that you do not have to use plastic or paper. Over packaged products cost more than less packaged ones. This makes you save more money.
  • Eliminate mercury products– mercury is found in products like cooking thermometers, steam-iron, tilt switches, shut-off, neon lamps among many more. One can be able to purchase non mercury products. This is because mercury is highly poisonous, toxic, and it is against the law to throw away mercury in the garbage. Efforts like this lower mercury emission levels from waste disposals.


Being able to tidy your home once or twice a week gives room to recycling. This is a beneficial process that is safe and less costly.

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