Evaluating Nigerian industry

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Industries in Nigeria and the emerging markets generally, differs quite a lot from the developed world – the fact that there is no infrastructure and massive infrastructure gaps is the most basic sample of this.

What’s also different is the fact that industries that are pushed by the west – usually consumer goods driven, such as eCommerce and FMCG – see a lot of over-capacity built in them.

This is done to prepare for the “mythical African consumer” when the massive demand for these services comes, but also to build high entry barriers into the sectors for other foreigners looking to invest in the continent.

Evaluating industries

Bertrams Lukstins covers this quite well in the “Investing in Nigeria” report, this is the main framework:

  1. View the whole value chain for it’s efficiency – this is to identify infrastructure gaps.
  2. Evaluate the inefficiencies – are they really unfavorable for the industry?
  3. Opportunities – do the gaps provide opportunities to build entry barriers? To evolve the industry and build new solutions?
  4. The different elements in the chain – are they vulnerable to other elements of the overall Nigerian investment landscape?

evaluating-nigerian-industriesAnother important thing to consider when evaluating Nigerian industries is tariffs.


Many industries, such as the domestic rice industry, are based purely on the import tariffs that the federal government of Nigeria have put in place. The question to ask is what drivers are driving the industry growth.

A good industry, such as the cassava industry, will grow naturally due to the domestic landscape and the domestic demand – not the governments imposed tariffs.

5 Things you should know for waste control in building industry

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The building industry is one of the fastest growing industries and with this growth; the need for waste control is becoming increasingly important for all stakeholders in the sector.

Here are the 5 things you need to know for waste control in the building industry;

  1. Managing your waste – One major factor to consider in waste control involves ways to manage your waste. Set aside an area for storing materials and waste and have different containers for different types of waste. Be sure to choose an area which is secure and safe from the elements and from vandalism.
  2. Minimising and disposing of waste – There are various ways of minimizing and disposing of waste. Ways of minimizing waste can include selecting products which have minimal packaging and products which offer potential to minimize waste. When disposing your waste it is important to find the nearest waste sites to save on time and transport costs. Consider what methods you would like to use in disposing of liquid wastes and lubricants.
  3. Organizing your waste – Organizing your waste is important to allow for proper disposal. Consider the materials on use at the site; can some of the waste materials be reused to reduce waste?  Find out whether some of the surplus materials can be returned to the supplier or can be sold or used in another project. Once your waste has been organized and classified, it is important to create categories and colour codes for proper disposal.
  1. Training and proper communication – It is important that you ensure all personnel are properly trained. Once the waste control plans are drawn up, it is important to share this plan with all staff and distribute roles and responsibilities.
  2. Upholding laws – Ensure all waste control and management laws are followed by the regulatory bodies to avoid hefty fine and penalties.

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These 5 tips are important when carrying out proper waste control in the building industry.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

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Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that could positively affect your health. Made of cocoa, it’s one of the best antioxidants on the planet. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can improve health and lower the risk of heart diseases.
  • Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is quite nutritious. It’s loaded with a high amount of fiber and minerals.chocolate-dark-benefits
  • It is also a powerful source of antioxidants. ORAC- oxygen radical absorbance capacity is the measure of antioxidants in food. Raw, unprocessed cocoa is among the highest rating foods that have been tested. Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants.
  • Dark chocolate may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. There are many controllers’ trials that show cocoa and dark chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure; but the effects are usually mild, although the study showed no effect in a certain group of people.
  • It may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Compounds in dark chocolate appear to be highly productive against oxidation of LDL. In the long term, it should cause less cholesterol to lodge in the arteries hence reduced risk of heart disease.
  • Dark chocolate may protect your skin against the sun. The bioactive compounds in it may be great for your skin. The flavonols can protect against Sun induced damage, increase blood flow to the skin and increase skin density and hydration. If you are planning a beach vacation, consider looking up dark chocolate in the preceding weeks or months.
  • Lastly, dark chocolate may improve the brain functions. A study by volunteers showed that five days of chocolate consumption increase the blood flow to the brain. Cocoa may also increase cognitive function in elderly people with mental impairments.
  • It also increases verbal fluency and several risk factors for disease. Cocoa also contains stimulant substances like caffeine and the bromine which can explain the improved brain function especially though short term.
There is considerably more benefit of consuming the chocolate, but it does not mean you should go out there and consume tons of it every day. At the end of the day it is still packed with calories; perhaps a piece or two after dinner.

Coco Farms In Ghana

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Coco has been grown in Ghana for almost a century, since the first plant was introduced there. And most people may never realize this, but perhaps your favourite brand of chocolate bar has its origins in Ghana! Although there are other countries and regions that produce coco, the quality of Ghana’s coco has been ranked number one for many years. Even famous chocolate brands like Cadburys import a huge amount of coco from this West African region.


Below are some of the basic things you should know about Coco in Ghana;

  • Ghana is a country in West Africa, whose climate is very conducive for the growing of coco. The country experiences the right amount of rainfall that helps the plant grow, and ripen as it ought to.
  • Coco is Ghana’s main cash crop, and the second biggest income earner in the country. The top income earner is Gold.
  • 90% of all coco grown in the country is grown in small scale farms owned by peasants. There are no large farms, the kind that are common in the West and developed nations.
  • Ghana is only second to Ivory Coast, in terms of being the global leader of coco production. Both countries lie in the same geographical zone, which perhaps explains why they are both the leading producers of coco.
  • The coco industry has employed about 3.2 million men and women, either as farmers, harvesters, transporters, importers, and so on so forth.
  • Most of the coco produced in Ghana ends up in Europe, where major companies use it to manufacture Chocolate bars.
  • Recently, coco farmers have embraced technological advancements, to help them produce more and attend to their farms more easily.



Coco is a major cash crop in Ghana, and the next time you take that sweet bite of your favorite chocolate bar, chances are that its origin is from Ghana!

Plants for home growing

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home-grown-plantsPlants in general play a crucial role in helping humans not just get their day to day food, but also in helping make the environment cleaner. The good thing is that you can start small; you don’t have to wait till you have a big garden or farm, in order to plant your favorite crops. Below are some of the best and easiest crops that you can plant at your home;

  • Sweet Corns; sweet corns are small; they mature fast, and are very ideal for growing in limited spaced, like a home garden. Home grown sweet corns are fresher, sweeter, and tastier, than anything you’d possibly buy from a market.
  • Vegetables; vegetables are also ideal plants to plant in your home. They include spinaches, cucumbers, corianders, and even onions. These are not only fast growing and maturing crops; they also require little or no human day to day attention once you have planted them.
  • Aloe Vera; Aloe Vera has many medicinal benefits to humans, and can be grown around the home. Besides helping purify the air, they can also be used to help treat burns and cuts, thanks to their succulent by products known for their medicinal efficacies.
  • Fruits; many fruits take a year or so before they mature, and ripen. You can start small, by planting some passion fruit crops, grafted mangoes that mature in 2 years or so, water melons, and so on so forth. Fruits not only provide a quick snack around the homestead; their nutritional value is very central in the general good health of humans.


Planting some of the above crops around your home will not just help you save money you’d have spent on vegetables and fruits; it is also a greatly fulfilling exercise that rejuvenates the mind.

Why You Should Clean Waste from Your House

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Having a home comes with responsibilities. One has to maintain cleanliness and also the management of waste products. Cleaning and dusting your home is an easy task. Apart from letting your home look beautiful and tidy one is also protecting the good health of everyone else in the house. When cleaning, one should have disposable bins or trays for rubbish. Being able to recycle and reuse is a step to being eco friendly.

  • Reducing excess paper– a huge amount of the waste generated in homes comprises of polythene papers, or other hardcopy papers. Hundreds of advertising agencies deliver mails every day, thus littering our homes. One can be able to reduce on the amount of paper they throw away by subscribing to marketing lists online. In case of unwanted mail, one can easily unsubscribe to getting their letters. This is as easy as contacting the company in question or sending an email. Reducing the flow of junk mail will help in conserving natural resources, save landfill space and save you time and money with a top house clearance london.
  • Reducing packaging waste– almost all items are packaged. One can reduce the amount of packaging waste by purchasing concentrates and diluting them with water in reusable containers. Use reusable cloth bags so that you do not have to use plastic or paper. Over packaged products cost more than less packaged ones. This makes you save more money.
  • Eliminate mercury products– mercury is found in products like cooking thermometers, steam-iron, tilt switches, shut-off, neon lamps among many more. One can be able to purchase non mercury products. This is because mercury is highly poisonous, toxic, and it is against the law to throw away mercury in the garbage. Efforts like this lower mercury emission levels from waste disposals.


Being able to tidy your home once or twice a week gives room to recycling. This is a beneficial process that is safe and less costly.

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Starting a coco removals farm

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Coco production business

The crop chocolate is created exotic locations that have been widely recognized as the refreshment pick also prior to the discovery of coffee and also tea. The cocoa being a necessary requisite in confectionary trade is an excellent item to expand business with.

Coco production business
These are some of the easy to follow steps to start on with your cacao ranch sector.
The business agriculture of cocoa is a trade that is currently being commonly thought about due to the measurement of this crop’s produce to the confectionary market in addition to any other food areas. Worldwide, it is a thing that is mainly eaten. This is the prime reason that business for cocoa farming is being enhanced up.

Beginning a Chocolate Farm

In starting a cacao vineyard, an array of aspects have to be taken into consideration such as the environment of the area, typical rainfall each millimeter, temperature level, humidity, and sort of dirt as well as the appropriate variety of planting material. Potting blend and also sort of sowing have to be well thought-out as well. Plus the breeding and the chocolate plant’s after treatment.
Rain could really be supplemented with contemporary watering in cases of dry months.

Nevertheless, it is of important necessity that rainfall need to be present at one thousand 2 hundred and also fifty to three thousand millimeters per annum. The dried up period should not be further compared to 3 months. The positive temperature might range thirty to thirty two levels Celsius. Humidity has to be taken in factor to consider as well because of the fact that over humidified areas may assist the spread of fungus conditions that may modify the development of the cacao crop and the storage and drying of maybe at risked additionally. Chocolate trees are further susceptible compared to other tropical plants to moisture tension. A range of dirt types could be positive to the chocolate plant. The soil ought to be such as enabling uncomplicated accessibility of roots able of retaining moisture throughout summers. Clay loams as well as sandy loams are additionally proper.
In the variety of the proper planting product, cacao can be multiplied right through seeds or by vegetative fashion. Meant for elevating seed startings, seeds of full-grown husks are extracted from lofty generating mommy plants which ought to generate one hundred hulls each year. Subsequent to 7 days of harvest, naturally, the seeds lose its stability. Appropriate storage space is the vital to prevent this from happening. The potting combination and sort of sowing have to consist of ranch backyard manure, sand and also dirt in identical magnitude to propagate the cocoa seedlings. Bear in mind that the most effective time to plant seeds in the baby room is throughout the month of December to January. On the other hand, vegetative breeding is a substantial range of manufacturing of superior growing product throughout budding as well as implanting.

Removal of Rubbish in Agricultural Land

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Removal of Rubbish in Agricultural Land

Hands up all those that have actually seen a Yard Centre or Do It Yourself Shop looking for something to put that touch of ‘wow’ to the garden. Allow’s face it, what gets on offer is not specifically visiting be special is it? So instead of running with the group, why not go for something different!

Removal of Rubbish in Agricultural Land

Go Green

Have a good time and also be innovative. Recovering as well as reusing could be so a lot greater than simply composting green waste. Think about all the other things that are cast aside in the throes of so several re-vamps  with grass box compost and also make-overs: brick, rock, redundant furniture, old sinks, cast iron bathtubs, the listing takes place.

Actual Rubbish in Agricultural Land!

Rubbish removal in your agricultural land should be given to affordable rubbish removal services.

Make use of some imagination

Recovering is about using your creativity. Instead than tossing out products without a 2nd idea, quit a minute as well as apply a little bit of association of ideas.

Could it be recycled or re-used in other ways? All of us make normal check outs to our local tip to throw away rubbish. How usually do you stop and also check out products others have tossed out?

What prizes could you have missed out on? Plastic coleslaw and salad pots make outstanding seed storage space containers. Old toilet-roll centers are excellent for starting off wide bean seeds whose deep origins wont be disturbed when it pertains to planting them out in their own bio-degradable cells. Old wood pallets could be developed into the ideal garden compost container (that claims ‘5 into one, wont go!).

Removal of Rubbish in Agricultural Land

Also the most unlikely things can be born-again; an old lavatory pan ends up being a witty planter; a discarded bath comes to be an herb yard. It’s not truly an originality either. Most of us keep in mind the ubiquitous white-washed split tire planters that appeared everywhere in the seventies but it’s not so simple the entire cut-and-turn point since the arrival of steel belting but a couple of deteriorated tires makes a valuable container for any sort of plant that’s a little bit thuggish and prefers to muscle in on its neighbors. I utilize mine to confine an unruly spread of mint whereas at CAT (The Center for Option Innovation at Macynlleth in Wales) they make use of a tire pile as a composter. Tiny but nevertheless reliable.

Create something different

It’s shocking the amount of old wheelbarrows you will certainly encounter on a see to your neighborhood Council Pointer

A wheelbarrow gives a lot of scope for decorative planting as well as could typically be gotten for around a fiver. It’ll be well-used and also showing signs old, which is excellent for the purpose regarding organic foods. If you’re really feeling really industrious, you could possibly give it a layer of ‘Hammerite’ to make it look very, or else just pierce or punch some drain openings, plant up and also delight in. And also a put perk with a rolled planter is if you expensive an adjustment of landscapes, it’s easy sufficient to relocate around.

Required a piece of ‘art’ to develop a focal factor? An old press lawn mower or lawn roller takes on a sculptural high quality when set versus a dry-stone wall and glimpsed with a blossom-clad arch. The same might be claimed for an antique horse-drawn ploughshare – make certain you have the area though.

Do not overlook old furniture either. You can select up an old breast for a couple of pounds and with a lick of paint it can be made use of to store hands tools, teasers, dibbers and the like and also – with a bit of weather-proofing – also became a tiered screen location.

When it comes to re-using as well as reclaimeding we are only restricted by our creativity.

Exactly what remains in your garden and agricultural land?

Removal of Rubbish in Agricultural Land

When it pertains to reclaimer in the garden, remember the plants themselves. That Rose of Sharon could be the bane of your floral border but to another person, it represents a dazzling piece of instantaneous ground cover so dig it out, pot it up as well as pass it on or also sell it at the Auto Boot!

Recycling is all regarding sustainability, about making the very most out of what we have. So obtain entailed. See your regional idea, seek items to reuse and also re-use in the garden. Go round recovery lawns, public auction houses and also have another look in your very own garden. At worst, you’ll conserve some money and also that knows, you could locate a hidden treasure. Whatever you do, have a good time and enjoy the reality that what you’re doing is essentially not ‘setting you back the planet’.

Why Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic Food

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Why Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic Food

There’s a variety of advantages to natural food, and everybody needs to place those right into their own demands as well as their own structure of referral. In some cases we have to discover why it’s directly important to us to take into consideration that health foods have the worth that offsets the added price that we need to spend for them.

Why Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic Food

The food that we take right into our physical body is always damaged down into nutrients or little bits, and also those could possibly all be classified as one of three points: they’re either structure blocks or gas, or something that could be transformed or reclaimed right into a structure block or fuel, or rubbish which is a waste product. Hopefully the rubbish remains in your digestive system and afterwards it’s rinsed as well as leaves as waste, the way a garbage ought to go out.

But sometimes rubbish is absorbed since your body isn’t really sure whether it could be utilized as gas or a building block. So it really isn’t really sure of it right then, or it’s very little and also it goes through the guard because it’s not truly acknowledged. That rubbish is called the toxin. It’s in your physical body as well as something will certainly should be done with it to discover a safe method of accompanying it out.

The biggest advantage of organic food is that they have less contaminants in them; much less points that we soak up into our system that our physical bodies could unknown just how to manage. We have the tendency to think about contaminants as a poisonous substance, like a one-dose thing, like you take arsenic or something and also you go down dead. However exactly what actually takes place is these chemicals build up in our physical body, as well as they begin to create problems with time without grass box usage.

In today’s world there are actually hundreds of them that are being introduced right into our environment, right into the atmosphere of the food that we eat, soaked up via our skin, and also they’re positioning a concern on our physical bodies. Also if they typically aren’t toxin, they’re junk, and also they have to be managed. All that overburdens our bodies to make sure that they cannot participate in to exactly what they’re typically do. So one of the most usual reason that individuals decide to go natural exists’s just much less rubbish that you have to manage.

There are other good reasons that you must eat organic. The first one is to understand that many of our modern plants today, the not natural plants, they just could not grow in nature without a strong chemical assistance of modern commercial agriculture. So these plants are very vulnerable and have no all-natural living vigor zest as well as immune system.
Real plant foods that you would certainly find in nature have protection systems by rubbish removal services. They’re out in the sunshine as well as sunshine could produce damage along with doing truly good ideas. So they need to make anti-oxidants to handle the atmosphere. When we consume natural food, we take in the stamina of that plant right into us. We profit from how tough they needed to battle to endure amidst all the various other plants.

So selection has happened in the plants, and also naturally, that’s what we’re consuming when we eat organic. Organic is for that reason naturally more nourishing, when we take that into our body we’re able to include it and after that we’re the fittest. One more reason that it will be essential to eat organic is when we consider exactly what the worth is.
A bunch of individuals claim, “Well, I would certainly consume natural, but it’s a great deal a lot more expensive.”.

Yes it is a great deal much more pricey for a number of factors. The first which is, it’s actually food, and also food expenses a lot more compared to things that typically aren’t food. So initially we have to inform ourselves about how you can tell food from food facsimiles.

One point you need to find out about health food is that it doesn’t have a lengthy service life considering that it does not have chemicals, either in the genetics or sprinkled on the top. However genuine food is something that was as soon as to life as well as now it’s dead, so it actually shouldn’t stay fresh longer. One of the indicators that’s it’s real food is it does not stay fresh long after it’s deleted from its life process with the planet, so we need to consume it up during that time. We have to spend for that considering that there’s a lot much more loss to the farmer. Organics rot much faster considering that they’re actual food.

It’s likewise really difficult for these farmers to be able to make a living seeking this out. They encounter a lot of pressure from very big companies that actually don’t desire individuals around doing things such as this. So there’s a great deal of policies and points like that that make it truly burdensome. It’s a genuine hardship for a bunch of the organic farmers to be able to offer us with this.

If we wish to have this option as well as accessibility, the only way to do that is to sustain the farmers. Which doesn’t imply going out and also objecting for them. That suggests in fact acquiring their food things, and not saying “I support you,” however really sustaining them considering that they cannot remain to do it unless we give them economic assistance.

One more truly crucial need to eat natural is that we show our appreciation and our thankfulness for individuals that want to work a lot tougher a great deal of times, battle a whole lot more difficult to provide us with these options to have genuine nourishing food, rather than some of the various other selections that are less costly but likewise much less nourishing. Yet once more, worth is something that you have to establish personally. It really happens in time. So you could not intend to go whole hog at one time. You merely begin the process; baby steps.